United in Love is the creation of Natalie Goldstein, the international photographer, with many years in the art and fashion world, and Simon Docherty who for more than two decades owned and ran the renowned media / music investment management company Pier, which he sold in 2016.

Natalie and Simon founded this art and fashion project in 2017 to raise money and support for the refugees whose lives, homes and families have been devastated by conflicts and disasters globally. United in Love will raise awareness and money through its creative projects and exhibitions, working with global organisations in more than 40 countries, where people are in severe humanitarian crisis. Organisations such as the International Rescue Committee run by David Miliband.

These charity organisations go on giving great access to proper healthcare and vaccinating vulnerable children against life threatening diseases. Providing schooling in many refugee camps, and training teachers and support workers. They provide counselling care and emotional support to many vulnerable people, helping reunite families or caring for many orphaned children. Setting up and controlling the many resettlement support centres and camps providing safety, food and education to so many refugees newly arriving from these crisis torn places. Ivana Conte has now joined the team to help design and resource the fashion products that will be using the images to promote the art and awareness of United in Love.

The dancers used in the images, Kate Byrne, Nahia Gil, Victoria Bew, Rachael Crocker and Anna Walsh are all highly trained international ballet dancers.

Head body painter Pixie Lewis and her team Amazing, Briefly Thorpe, Natasha Hobbs, Sophia Attias.